When electronic engineers, musically talented individuals and adrenaline junkies get together what do you get..? A premium quality sound Company.

That’s exactly how "Wireless Me" was formed..

As engineers we were fed up with recognized brands charging highly inflated prices for middle of the road technology. We were able to replicate a higher quality sound using low end components. Why not up the stakes and give the end user higher end components and charge them a fraction than that of the bigger brands..?

All while making a tidy profit. 

Pay less, get more, still make a profit!

For too long the bigger brands have had the upper hand. They charge three times what is necessary for the same quality. We use premium over standard chips, high end electronic interfaces and up to speed programming practices. The result is crystal clear sound for a third of the normal price of the bigger brands.

Like your sound and keeping hold of your money? Then click on the Amazon button below and give us a try.

John F Kennedy (real name!)